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Top-tier support to become a franchise owner

GoliathTech is always on the lookout for potential franchises to benefit from owning a GoliathTech franchise. Tired of your company job and need more flexibility? Want to get behind a business that aligns to your lifestyle, not the other way around? Do you like working outdoors and being hands-on? This may be the opportunity for you!

We pride ourselves on finding new ways to help franchisees profit from our knowhow and expertise. We're continuously striving for better ways to do things, and innovating to stay ahead of the competition. GoliathTech franchisees are proud of these facts and, like us, they also have an innovative mindset that keeps them striving to do better each and every single day.

GoliathTech looks for potential franchise owners who have an interest in working in the construction industry and who are “go-getters”, those with an entrepreneurial spirit, and people who are customer oriented and enjoy making a sale.

Becoming a construction franchise owner in the construction industry can be exciting and lucrative. Construction projects in residential, industrial, commercial and municipal sectors are in constant growth. Using superior products and materials that make it simpler and quicker to perform an installation, can definitely give you an edge when working in the construction industry. Our helical (screw) piles combine engineering and innovation to guarantee a solid foundation system for a wide range of projects, including decks and patios, home additions, foundation repairs, and many, many more applications.

Are you looking for construction franchise ideas? Are you looking to launch a brand new venture? Do you already own a construction business and you want to convert it to a GoliathTech Franchise? Or maybe you’re thinking of ways to expand your current network and are interested in a cross-selling opportunity? GoliathTech is the perfect opportunity for you!

Take control of your growth potential

Maybe you have an entrepreneurial spirit yet you’re not sure how to set up a business on your own. GoliathTech offers you an existing operational framework and system so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

GoliathTech is the right choice for your business if you possess the following:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a need for more on-the-job flexibility 
  • A desire for your work to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around
  • A need for work where you can be hands-on while you work
  • Pride in selling the best quality product in the industry
  • A desire for business growth and market expansion
  • A passion for selling and leveraging your network to grow your business
  • Strong leadership skills and hands-on decision making 
  • An ambitious mindset that keeps you striving to always do better
  • A go-getter attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Customer oriented and enjoys making a sale
helical piles

If this is you, then you'll love being part of the GoliathTech family! Discover the steps to becoming a franchise owner.

Be part of a strong team

Unmatched screw pile innovation and installation expertise are the core of GoliathTech’s strength.

Our franchisees are carefully selected brand ambassadors who share our commitment to engineering excellence, professionalism and the highest standards of quality. They have access to cutting-edge technology whose levels of performance, robustness and ease of installation surpass the screw pile solutions that still exist today. As a business partner, we are involved in your success and place a wealth of resources at your disposal to grow your GoliathTech franchise on profitable ground.

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What to expect

  1. Initial inquiry
    Call with our Franchise Sales Specialist to determine territory of interest, timeline and initial capital investment.
  2. Learn about GoliathTech and acquire a franchise
    Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Visit our manufacturing facility, fill out the required forms and provide financial and credit information. Sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee.
  3. Open your GoliathTech franchise
    Get certified with our 2-day training course (video conference or in-person). Order a starter-kit and place your first product order. Begin serving customers and become your own boss.


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