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Find out why entrepreneurs are choosing GoliathTech for their business

As the #1 company for helical piles worldwide GoliathTech prides itself on developing strong relationships with its franchise partners. It’s the people behind the products that make GoliathTech strong. Learn about what initially drew our construction franchise owners to the company, and to eventually sign-on.


Vermont, US

“We were able to really get out in the market and really show people the benefits of helical piles. We’re very fortunate here in Vermont where we have a wide range of soils and we have a pretty deep frost line. Once we showed people the benefits of using our product over traditional concrete applications, it grew exponentially.”


Maple Grove, Minnesota

“When I saw this product come across my desk I knew it was going to revolutionize the footing industry. I knew that the helical pile product would be excellent for the frost-heave situation out there. Concrete isn’t the best product and when I saw this I thought, this is really going to eliminate a lot of problems for homeowners and contractors alike.”


Utah, US

“When we started, nobody in Utah besides engineers had really heard about helical piles. We were the main ones to start and bring it into the residential application. Within six to eight months, with heavy advertising on social media outlets, lots of lunch and learns, and having James come out and do lunch and learns, that was critical to getting us up and going.”


Concord, North Carolina

“Prior to signing I was able to come up to Magog, Quebec to GoliathTech and I got to spend some good time with Julian, the owner. Being with him for the amount of time I was with him that day convinced me what a strong company it was.”


Download our ultimate guide: The Best Construction Franchise Opportunity!

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