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Ranked as a Top 10 franchise investment opportunity in North America, GoliathTech has a reputation in the construction industry for providing their franchisees with the business development tools and resources that will help in the franchisee's quest for long-term success. Our innovative products enable our franchisees to diversify their service offering, expand their business opportunities and grow their sales.

GoliathTech training and support

1- Become a certified GoliathTech installer

When you join the GoliathTech family you instantly have access to all the support you need to grow your business. As an entrepreneur wanting to launch a construction management franchise where you can be your own boss and set your own schedule, we offer you comprehensive two-day training to become a GoliathTech certified installer. We allow for the easy start-up of your construction franchise by supporting you at every step along the way.

2- Get ongoing support for your projects

Once your business is set up, we help by giving you marketing support and services, offering website branding opportunities, and access to a national advertising program.

We offer engineering assistance and ongoing sales and installation support, to help you get up to speed on exactly what you need and in order to run a successful construction franchise business.

By providing key resources and one-on-one support with a GoliathTech expert, we assist you in understanding GoliathTech as a leading global brand within the construction industry.

3- Stay in the know about the GoliathTech brand

It’s important when running a leading global construction franchise like GoliathTech, to know about the brand from the inside out, and to feel confident and proud as a brand ambassador. To know that, for instance, the GoliathTech brand provides the best screw piles on the market installed by experts and that we use cutting-edge equipment to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile. 

These are the foundations of the GoliathTech brand promise, and it’s vital information that you can pass on to your customers so that they too will feel confident and proud they made the right choice.

GoliathTech keeps up with industry trends and innovation and uses cutting-edge technology. The company regularly makes franchisees aware of this and gives them the right communication tools to explain to their customers how amazing GoliathTech products are. 

Supporting you all the way

GoliathTech gives franchisees the tools to quickly build an excellent business. We support you at every step of the way to help you advance as a franchise owner. Here are a few key reasons why those seeking a franchise business opportunity decide to join the GoliathTech family:

Before you become a franchisee
  • We meet with you to learn about your background and experience.
  • We evaluate the equipment that you may already own, and we talk to you about the initial capital investment that is required.
  • We present you the territories that are available for purchase, and provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document.

Before starting your first project
  • GoliathTech offers a training certification by video conference or in-person.
  • Our comprehensive training shows you how to perform a quality installation.
  • We walk you through the equipment needed to install the GoliathTech helical (screw) piles.

During the execution of your projects
  • We provide ongoing marketing and technical support.
  • We offer customer service support to help place your product orders.
  • We supply in-house engineering services for your projects.
When you are ready to grow
  • We offer additional territories at a reduced cost which is lower than the initial franchisee unit purchase.
  • We make available to you, custom built supplementary marketing packages. 
  • GoliathTech provides all the tools and resources for you to increase your brand visibility.

GoliathTech has won 20+ awards for best franchise opportunity in North America and we’re always working on improvements to our products and services so that our franchisees continue to be proud of the products and of the brand that they bring to their customers.

Do you have what it takes to become a GoliathTech franchisee?

*Please note that some countries have different disclosure periods.

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What to expect

  1. Initial inquiry
    Call with our Franchise Sales Specialist to determine territory of interest, timeline and initial capital investment.
  2. Learn about GoliathTech and acquire a franchise
    Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Visit our manufacturing facility, fill out the required forms and provide financial and credit information. Sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee.
  3. Open your GoliathTech franchise
    Get certified with our 2-day training course (video conference or in-person). Order a starter-kit and place your first product order. Begin serving customers and become your own boss.


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