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Joining a GoliathTech franchise is much more than just starting a business. It means benefiting from comprehensive training and continuous support to ensure your success in the helical pier franchise industry. In this article, we will explore why the training and support offered by GoliathTech are essential for becoming a new franchise and how they contribute to their success.

How GoliathTech Training Propels Helical Pier Franchisees to Success

Training is a crucial element for any new franchisee, especially in a technical field like helical pier installation. GoliathTech Franchise offers comprehensive initial training that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of pile installation.

New franchisees participate in on-site training sessions where they learn to handle equipment, understand construction standards, and perform high-quality installations. 

In addition to practical training, theoretical modules are also provided to enhance technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills necessary for managing a franchise.

Testimonials from existing franchisees highlight the positive impact of this training. 

For example, Alan from North Carolina shares, "The training gave me the confidence needed to launch my business. The GoliathTech team is always there to support us, which has greatly contributed to our success."

The Crucial Role of Continuous Support

At GoliathTech, support doesn’t stop after the initial training. Helical pier franchisees benefit from continuous support that encompasses several aspects of their business. This support includes:

  • Technical Support: A dedicated team is available to answer all technical questions and provide practical advice when needed.
  • Marketing Support: Franchisees receive marketing tools and participate in national advertising programs to increase their visibility.
  • Operational Support: In-house engineering services are available to assist with project design and optimization.
  • Commercial Support: Regular training and updates on market trends are provided to help franchisees stay competitive.

The advantage of having a dedicated support team is invaluable. Maxwell from Vermont explains, "The continuous support from GoliathTech has allowed me to focus on growing my business. Knowing that I always have someone to turn to makes all the difference."

The Advantages of a GoliathTech Helical Pier Franchise

Choosing a franchise that offers robust training and support brings numerous advantages. It provides peace of mind to franchisees, knowing they are never alone in facing challenges. At GoliathTech, franchisees benefit from:

Darci from Utah shares, "GoliathTech territory exclusivity and the absence of royalty fees are major advantages. It has allowed me to focus on growing my business without financial worries."


Choosing GoliathTech means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. The continuous training and support offered by GoliathTech are essential elements that ensure the success of each franchisee. To learn more about the steps to becoming a franchisee and discover available territories, visit our Becoming a Franchisee page and Available Markets.


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