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Why a construction franchise is a wise investment in the helical pier (pile) industry

The construction industry is one of the largest and most lucrative sectors of the economy, and franchising has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.  As a top-ranking franchisor in the helical pile industry, GoliathTech provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the construction industry to invest in a…

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3 ways GoliathTech is helping construction companies during the economic slowdown

The construction industry has been hit hard by the economic slowdown, and companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. One company that is helping construction businesses navigate these challenges is GoliathTech, the most important manufacturer and installer in the helical pile industry, and a top-ranking franchisor . In…

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The Benefits of a GoliathTech Foundation and Why it’s a Sound Investment

GoliathTech’s foundation system is great for those wanting to start their own business to ensure successful growth in the short- and long term. Let’s explore how GoliathTech's helical piles lead the way in the construction industry.

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GoliathTech CEO Julian Reusing on the company’s 2022 Best Business in Canada CBRB-verified designation and why it’s a big deal

GoliathTech CEO Julian Reusing answers questions about the recent designation GoliathTech received from CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc. and why this makes the helical pile company business opportunity even more attractive to entrepreneurs looking to invest in a franchise business What is the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board Inc.? The mission of the CBRB…

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Business Opportunity: What to look for when investing in a Franchise

Thinking of investing in a franchise opportunity ? GoliathTech CEO Julian Reusing answers some of the top questions that entrepreneurs have when it comes to investing in a franchise business . In 2013, Julian saw an opportunity to grow an existing business that had already been running for nine years and was for sale. He…

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GoliathTech ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® 2021

An important business opportunity Entrepreneur magazine has ranked GoliathTech among its 43rd annual Franchise 500® ranking for 2021 . This prestigious classification hones in on the unique challenges and changes in the franchise industry over the past year, and how franchisees have risen to meet them. In the franchising and building industries, GoliathTech is widely…

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Success story: Meet Max Murray, a franchisee from Vermont

You often don’t realize how skilled you are at a job or how much you’ll enjoy it until you try it out. Several years ago, a franchise owner hired Max Murray to run a franchise in Burlington, Vermont. Max managed the franchise for a number of years and was extremely good at it, yet something…

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GoliathTech: The only adjustable helical (screw) piles with uplift resistance

Adjustable pile head attachments boast many significant advantages. Installed with threaded rods, the system provides leveling flexibility, which allows for quicker, easier installation and a greater margin of measurement error.  Unfortunately, helical (screw) piles with adjustable heads rarely meet today's engineering requirements. In nearly all cases, adjustable heads are not fixed to the piles, using…

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5 Things to consider when buying a construction franchise

Are you looking for your next business opportunity and considering something within the construction industry? Do you want something with UNLIMITED growth potential where the only limit is how hard you’re willing to work? Are you ready to create your own success? If so, then GoliathTech is the right franchise opportunity for you. The difference…

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Success Story - Meet Darci

Since : 2018 Earning : $4 Million / Year Do you know what a helical pile is? Chances are, unless you work in the construction industry, that the answer is probably not. That was the case for Darci, a franchisee who started her journey with GoliathTech a few years ago. “ So, we were looking…

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Vox Pop: What our franchisees say about us

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